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Monday, February 28, 2011

Colour Your Life Contest

OMG!! Sempat lagi ke tak nak join contest ni cuz due date nya hari ni (28 Feb 2011) tapi cuba je la kan. Belum cuba belum tau

BTW, Contest Colour Your Life Contest dianjurkan oleh Ween Gorgeous. Sangat suka dengan kerja tangannya. Ween, kita sama la.. Minat menjahit tapi I lebih suka menjahit manik etc

So here goes the details:
Post an entry with the title “Colour your life contest”
Include a picture of yourself styling colorful outfit :)
Stated the colour you implement in your outfit
Link ur entry to this entry (banner is an option)
Once u’re done, leave ur permalink in this entry
Contest ended 28th February 2011

Soft Peach Cardigan with Colourful Button
Carrefour Red Orange Spaghetti
MNG Grey Skinny Jeans
Cleef Yellow Handbag

p/s: Ingatkan zaman belajar je suka buat kerja last minute.. Nak masuk contest pun last minute jugak. BTW, all the best to all contestants :)


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

selca selca

ween said...

dear, thanks sbb join my contest ;)

*loue me* said...

faiz: amenda selca selca?
ween: ya welcome..xsabar nk tau d result :)